LG Gunz Hack



1st. Open Hyphy's First Trainer
2nd. Go into your LegacyGamers GUNZ Folder
3rd. Open GunZ NOT GunZLauncher **IMPORTANT**
4th. Go have fun hacking!

List of commands -

* Crtl + A 'Gunlock'
* Alt + F2 'Ghostmode'
* Crtl + G 'Godmode'
* Crtl + N 'Namehack'
* Crtl + R 'Rollerskates'
* Crtl + F 'Disable Flashbangs'
* Alt + A 'AP Lock'
* Alt + F1 'Inf Massive'
* Alt + S 'Sword Crosshair'
* Alt + F3 'Wallhack'
* Crtl + K 'No knock back'
* Ctrl + Alt + P 'Powerlvl'
* Crtl + Alt + S 'Speedhack'
* ALt + L 'Lawnmower'
* Alt + 1 'Insane Massive'
* Crtl + l 'Auto Walk'
* Crtl + Z 'Spawn Lock'
* Alt + 2 ' Deform Player'

Gunz Hacks, and what they do

AP Lock- freezes where your ap is at

Auto Reload- Automatically reloads duh

Backwards Wall Run- when this is on you can run at a wall but instead of running forwards you run.....BACKWARDS!

Deform Player- makes the character look like he is on lcd or something

Disable Flashbang- ummm do i need to say more

Enum Windows- this will allow you to open up hacking programs in the middle of the game for example if you turn it on it will let you open cheat engine
or ollydbg woooo pretty helpful for hacking. and as said before when you turn this off the code will turn back to normal to allow you
to be able to log out and log back in another server

Fast Actions- makes your actions like slashing a sword insanely fast

Float Mode- when you turn this on if you jump in the air you dont come down...WITCHCRAFT!

Ghost Mode- Makes you look invisible to others, sword slashes do not work in this mode you can only use guns bad side about this is it makes you appear you are in another location in the middle of the level usually so people can tell something is up

God Mode- Infinite HP!!!!!

Gun Lock- freezes whatever your weapon was you had out when you turned this on, this is helpful for example you could gun lock a bazooka and switch to your machine gun woah bazooka blasts with the delay of machine gun.

HP Lock - turn this on next time you get hit you hp goes back to full

Infinite Block- ummm lets you hold down the block button and block as long as you want.....

Infinite Massives- if turn on this and charge your sword every slash after this is a massive....amazing

Invisible Infinite Massive- same as infinite massive but this time no one can see your sword glowing so they dont think you have a massive
very sneaky are we........

Insane Massive- umm yeah you just have to try this one massives every second about like 100 i swear and basically its a one hit kill lol sooo umm use at caution cause people definately know your hacking with this one if they dont they are retarded

Instant Reload- umm yeah hmmmmmmmmmm pfffffff

Instant Spawn- with this code on it will let you instantly spawn anytime to get it to work it lets you spawn everytime you type in /laugh so if you set
/laugh to a macro you can now press that button and you can respawn anytime when your alive dead etc if you do it fast enough
when you die it doesnt register the kill and others use this as a teleportation.

Instant Spawn Lock- same thing as instant spawn however this will make you respawn where you were standing you ask why this is useful? well it is a
working infinite ammo basically you can press the macro woah your revived where you were standing without even dying and now
your ammo and hp/ap are back at full CRAZAY!

Instant Walk- hmm well with this one on i would not recommend wall hack at the same time cause this will make you instantly move as far as you can
in the direction you press

Invisible Spawn- Makes you invisible until your first attack after you spawn

Lawn Mower- a bunch of invisible sword slashes in every direction at the same time without you even having the sword out or doing anything best short range code cause no one can get near you plus its pretty sneaky only way can get caught with this is if the other person hears the thousand sword slashes lol

Locust Plague - Deletes everyone in the lobby when used [OUTDATED]

Locust Plague 2 - Deletes everyone in lobby (Using a different method, not yet public)

Mass Lawnmower - Same effect as lawnmower, except each slash is a massive.

Name Hack- gives your guy esp and you can know where any character is at on the level

Ninja Jump- jump FOREVA!

Ninja Jump 2- Jump FOREVA! but SIDEWAYS!!!!

No Hell- umm god came down and smited hell of the existence of gunz now all that is left is a bottomless pit

No Knock Back- again read the code name......

No Spread- makes shotguns have no spread some people say it works others say nay try it for yourself

Power Level- best if used with a partner with this code you turn it on when someone else kills you then you respawn dead and it gives the exp and bounty
to the person who first killed you basically lets you level up a lot faster

Rocket/Sword- gun lock a bazooka then switch to your sword turn on this code and now you have infinite bazooka blasts out of your sword

Smoke Trail- one of my favorites leaves a massives smoke trail behind your path of walkage

Spawn Lock- lets you respawn where you last were

Speed Hack- umm lets you move pretty fast

Suicide- heh use at caution cause it like ties a neuce around your guys head and makes him jump off a chair and fall into hell fun stuff

Swearing Enabled- umm lets you cuss

Sword Crosshair- umm turn this on switch to a weapon with a crosshair switch to your sword and bam your sword still has the crosshair

Walk Through People- well you can now walk through people

No Clipping/Wall Hack - umm you can walk through walls......

X-ray Vision/"Wall Hack" (Name varies) - if you go to a wall at an angle you can see through it kind of like wall hack but without the going through the wall part

X-Y-Z Coordinate Lock- freezes your x-y-z spot in space! was the old spawn lock not much use for this one ol chap.

Credits to myself Coldfx and half the users of GzO.

Gunz Hack Explanations

Perfect Hp Lock: No need to disable it like the previously posted version, it works for all modes of game play including quest mode.

Perfect Ap Lock: Same concept as above.

Infinite Jump: Allows you to jump as much as you want, as long as you want, and as high up in the air as you want !

Fly: When you jump, you will fly across the map in mid-air.

Float / Glide: Depending on where you are map wise, as well as the terrain your standing on, you will either glide across the ground, or if you jump in the air, you fill float suspended in air and be able to walk around and such. ( You can jump to another 'float' level and will just be walking around still , but higher up. )

Bunny Hop Mode: You never stop jumping. ( Was told this was previously posted a long while ago but never updated, well heres an updated one ! )

Ninja Sword Flip: When a sword is equipped you will do flips when jumping, if you slash with the sword then repeat with a jump quickly after you can actually jump higher up in the air with it, regardless if your next to a wall or not.

Lawn Mower: A bunch of invisible sword slashes in every direction at the same time without you even having the sword out or doing anything. One of my favorite hacks personally. The only way you could even get caught is if the person is listening hard and hears the thousands of sword slashes being executed.

Feign Death: You constantly do the death/knockdown action repeatitly. ( If a player hits you while enabled you will stay lying on the ground until disabled. )

Slow Motion: You aswell as the players on the map will be moving extremely slow. ( Client sided, only you can see it, everyone else is moving normally. )

Invisible Mode: Exactly as it says, YOU CANNOT SEE ANYONE! Including yourself.. ( Client sided, only you can see it, everyone else is moving normally. )

CSEAX: If you have ever played maplestory you will understand this when you use it because this is exactly what it reminded me of. Everyone is ontop of you in the entire map ( Client sided, only you can see it, everyone else is moving normally. Also note that you cannot do damage to other players, but they can do damage to you.. If you want to work on it there IS a way to make it so you can hit every person on the map while using it, but i will not be posting it, so do not ask. ) If you would like to see an example, click Here .

Hunch: You are hunched over in place, no movement is allowed including shooting, a simple char messup. ( Unaware if this is CS or SS, i did not have a chance to test it further )

Pingou / No Gun Delay: If you have EVER used pingou in maplestory, you know exactly what it is.. Your character runs really crazy like, and so does everybody else - that is one of the effects of it. The alternate effect is that your gun has no delay in shooting ( There is still a slight delay, but you will not see the full effect on your own client on how fast you actually shoot ) , and has no delay what-so-ever in reloading ( You will not stop shooting until you run out of ammunition if you hold down your fire hotkey ). I would not advise using a sword with this it is only ment for the gun base aspect of the game.

Sticky Weapon Flare: Yet another simple client-sided fun hack. When you shoot, the gun 'flare', or light if you want to call it that happens when you shoot gets stuck on the end of your gun, it will also transition to your sword aswell as other equipment if you cycle through your weaponary. ( Client sided, only you can see it, everyone else see's nothing. )

Super Switch / Reload: You have no delay on reloading or switching weapons at all. There is no side effects to this unlike pingou.

Feign Death v2: You fall down to the ground as if you died, but unlike v1, with this you will just stay on the ground regardless if somebody hit you or not.

Added infinite massive: No need to explain..

Hyper Block: When hitting the block button, you block at an extremely fast rate. ( You can just hold down the block button and see. )

Wall Jump Hug: When you jump while standing next to a wall, aslong as you are next to it you will keep jumping up without having to do anything except hit the jump button.

Added Infinite Block: No need to explain..

Added Rollerskates: No need to explain..

Credits to Jewbacca of Cheat Engine Forums.

Gunz Aimbot

1. extract all the files from the rar file into the i=ijji gunz folder

2. make a shortcut into ur desktop (or any place u feel like puting it)

3. open file

4. it asks username and password

5. after it reconized your username and password it skips the ijji page and go strait to server selection

6. alt tab out of the game and a little page saying hotkey should be opened click the white place

7. click the key u want to press to start aimbot

8. go in a game press the hotkey and once u get hit once it instant aim that person ONLY WHEN U GET HIT so it helps when in TDM or Duel